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[IP] Yoga and changes

Wow, you all gave me food for thought about why I had the drastic 
changes in bg in the Yoga class.  Ed, your explanation about the 
Anaerobic made good sense about raising bgs, and I never thought 
about what I did before yoga, I will track that.   

Obviously, I need to look at the bigger picture of what is/has been  
going on.  One thing not going on was stress.  I love my yoga 
classes (all 6 of them) and will continue going forever....I absolutely 
love it and it has so many long lasting effects.   One of my 
instructors asked me after about 5 sessions if I could tell any 
difference and the first thing I thought of was "You know, I find 
myself smiling more".  I haven't a clue what deep thing that might 
mean, but I like it.  And I swear, I am about an inch taller.  
Actually, I can reach things more easily (I am 5'2").   When I come 
out of classes, I am like melted ice cream, so mellow.....It is 
But, I will continue to look at the variety of things you suggested to 
get a handle on bg.   Normally,  I like to go on a fairly empty 
stomach, but sometimes my bgs won't let me.  

Thanks for all your good advice. 
Bonnie R. 
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