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[IP] RE: Animas question

The educator isn't the one that has to live with the particular pump you
choose, so it doesn't matter which pump *she* is most interested in. It's
simply not her choice to make. She is there to educate you only.
We use the HTron Plus V-100 and I have been trained on the DTRON (got to
"play" with one for a week after a pump training seminar.) I have only seen
the Animas and MM in person but not used them. So I have no advice there.
BUT, if the Animas is the pump YOU want, then that is what you should get.
They are all excellent pumps but they have slightly different features.
Choose the one that best suits YOUR lifestyle. Your educator will get over
it. ;)

Take care, Kerri
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Jan said:
We talked to our Diabetes Pump Educator
and she basically said if we went with Animas she would not support us.  Of
course she didn't say it in these words but that was the message we got.
Our Pump Educator was most interested in the Mini Med.  We like that
they are coming out with a water proof version soon, but it doesn't give as
small of doses as the Animas.  The D-tron is OK, but seems kind of big for a
small child.
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