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At times -this has happened 2 times in the past seven years-, I found no
fault with the pump, but I did with my poor, beleaguered abdomin.  Scar
tissue is a bugaboo for me, as for quite a time before pumping I was using
the belly for shots.  I pointed out the areas where the sites were to my doc
who had a feel and look see, and there is a patch of scar tissue there.

He said to use the site 'at my own risk' and try not to go near that spot
for a year. I have been three years off of that site.

I'm wondering if maybe there is some fibrous deposits there where your site
was.  You also may want to look at alternative infusion sets which go deeper
as sometimes, the scarring is "at" a certain level.

Someone on the list kindly sent me some Quicksets, (4 of them) to try, and
Dise. sent me some Ultraflexes to try. With both of these, I have had to
reduce my basals .1 u/h over the whole day. It seems the absorbtion is much
better, simply as these are the longer ones and I usually use "Silly-Wets"
(Thanks Kindra, for the word!), Tender2's, Comforts.

I have stayed away from the old "battlefield" site, and have had no more
dilemmas. It's only a thought.

Jenny Sutherland
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