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Re: [IP] ...pump trainer said shouldn't.....

Sorry, I'd have fought tooth and nail. Those dr.s and all work for you and not the other way around.
Once you had the pump, you shouldn't have sent it back without a full explanation as to WHY.

If this sort of "Emotional Blackmail" is commonplace at that company/dr's office or whatever, I'd be seeking a new doctor.....And pump trainer with another company.  To be fair, I can't remember if you said this pump trainer was Minimed's or the doctors' offices, but I have two MM stockholders here who would be extremely interested in knowing.

Jenny Sutherland
  ----- Original Message ----- 
  From: Linda Kelly 

  I know, MM said to send pump back, I did--guess perscription pulled.
  The pump trainer is quite dedicated, many see how she "goes out of her
  way".  IT is not all her fault, I take 50% of blame,  I call it a
  personality conflict and let it go--sometimes the bitterness does pop
  Maybe in fall or winter I'll get another pump. I think, with my case,
  Dr. is beginning to see that I was not all wrong, ignorant, It just
  takes being patient. Thank-you for support.  Linda
  Think it is great how well you mother's handle your
  kids. :)
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