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Eeewwwww...sorry you are having a bad morning but at times this happens with
no explanation.  Although you saw that your pump was distributing insulin,
could be that it bent or there was a large air bubble in your tube that you
weren't aware of.  I constantly check the tubing to make sure there are no
large air spaces and yet, sometimes they come out of the clear blue
sky...don't know how they get there...or you could have your infusion
injected into muscle and it didn't absorb properly.

Does this usually happen in the mornings when you get up?  If so, you
probably have pre dawn phen and need to adjust your basal rate to overcome

I know how you feel seeing a b.g. so high and also having keytones...and
then you're stuck around the house shooting insulin and drinking lots of
water and trying not to fall asleep...but if you get excited and aggravate
yourself, you will only cause the b.g. to rise instead of letting the
insulin do it's work...believe me, I KNOW!!!!

I just went through similar problem this past Sunday and spent the day in a
very morose, depressed mood...never got dressed, didn't go to church, didn't
want to do anything...just moped around the house...because I HATE
unexplained highs!!!

Unfortunately honey, the diabetes isn't going to go away even though we all
wish it would...wouldn't it be nice to have a fairy diabetic angel that
comes and waves a wand and poof, it's gone?  I've been through this 35 yrs
now and sometimes I can go with the flow and other times I get really down
by it all....

Just have hope that a cure is around the corner..there are so many wonderful
different trials going on now and monitors being tested that will actually
check your b.g. and deliver insulin for you w/o you doing anything......

I'm hear as a sounding board if you need.
kathy b.
email @ redacted
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