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RE: [IP] Foot Weirdness

Catherine and Sally:
The "fluttering" you are referring to sounds more to me like the beginnings
of neuropathy. It doesn't always have to start in the feet...I know there
are times I feel like bugs are crawling all over me but there is nothing
there...I have neuropathy to a ninth degree so I get lots more than
fluttering....also sometimes you may feel as if you have a floppy feeling,
as if you were wearing flippers and your feet just flop around...i have
noticed that this has also started in my left knee as well.  I keep looking
at it to see if anything is there or wrong but have now come to the
determination that it is once again, the dreaded neuropathy!!!

have your dr. do a neuropathy check on you.
Kathy B.
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