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Re: [IP] Animas Question

> but now we would like to hear from people
> that have the Animas or
> used to have the Animas pump.  Have you had any
> problems?  What problems did
> you have?  They said they replaced all their pumps
> in the spring of this
> year.  

Hi Jan,

I have an Animas pump.  The only thing I had a problem
with was condensation on the display screen, but it
was my fault.  The pump is waterproof as long as the
battery compartment door is sealed extremely tight.  I
did not do that so water got in and corroded the
batteries.  Needless to say I threw those batteries
out and called the company about the condensation.  I
just had to let the pump dry out overnight, which was
a pain.  I had to go back to injections, ugh!!  My
pump is working fine.  All this happened about 2 weeks
ago.  This summer I have been swimming with my pump
and take daily showers with it.  Now I know every time
I change the set to check the battery compartment.

I have found the Animas people to be friendly and
helpful.  When I got my pump, they dealt with my
insurance company directly, no stress to me.  I just
had to give Animas a 3 month log of my sugars.

As far as replacing pumps this spring, I think they
have a newer pump, the R1000-A.  I have the R1000. 
The R1000A lets you have a higher basal rate, I think
up to 10/hr.  My highest rate is up to 4.95/hr.

Most people think I wear a beeper, so I do like the
small size.  Bottom line, no matter what pump you
decide to get for your daughter, it's a good choice. 
My only regret is that I did not get a pump sooner!  

Good Luck and hope this helps.

T1 dx'd 4/78, pumping 1/2001
waiting for my little girl to arrive 9/25/01!!

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