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Re: [IP] new Doc


I have to say that I would think twice about this doctor. I was diagnosed
with diabetes when I was 14 and my doctor made all the difference in the
world. He let me know that it was ultimately up to me for control and he was
there just as a guide and a voice of reason. The doctor you saw seems more
like a control freak and a salesman.

I was pretty good as a teen. Sure I fell "off the wagon" a few times with
control and diet but it was my choice. Almost all teens rebel, for me this
was just one more to add to the list. A no or low carb diet just isn't right
for a teen. You are growing and changing a lot at that time and you really
can't go out with your friends and say that you need a low carb meal and
feel like you are "fitting in." It was hard enough, at least for me at the
time, to eat sugar free stuff in front of other people.

You may want to try another doc since you do want Jared to build a rapport
with a doc that will last for a long time. I'm 26 now and I am always
thankful for my first doc (he is now doing research) who guided me and left
the decisions on control up to me (and my parents). It is that feeling of
control and confidence that allowed me to eventually go on the pump and care
for myself and know that I am doing right. I personally do not like docs
that say that I have to do it their way because it just doesn't work for me.
My life is too crazy and constantly changing. I have had one doc that was
like that. I left him in the dust because he wanted me to change jobs just
so I could eat at regular times, hello! that is why I went on the pump. My
current doc and I now discuss things about my control and we work together
and I don't need a book for that.

On a side note, I have read the Diabetic Man and didn't care for it much
myself.. That's just my opinion though, it was a little too rigid for my
taste. And I have never taken supplements, let alone cod liver oil I've
found that the best kind of doc knows that things change and no one system
works for everyone. Working with a patient to fine tune what
s right for him/her is the best kind.

Just my $0.02


> From: "Julie Meals" <email @ redacted>
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> Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 22:53:45 -0500
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> Subject: [IP] new Doc
> Well, we just had a visit with our new Diab. doc today, and I am not sure
> how it went. He is a  diab. himself, and has written two books, "A Diabetic
> Doctor looks at Diabetes" and "The Diabetic Man". He  is very into low to
> no carbs, diet, exercise, supplements, and Dr. Bernsteins work. I felt like
> he was a salesman half the time. He kept telling us about his book and how
> they had them there and I might want to pick one up, etc.
> He also mentioned that Jared was insulin resistant and a low carb diet would
> help cut down on his insulin needs. I agree we need to cut down, but not cut
> out carbs. We have a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat, so we are
> going to try it and see in 6  weeks what we have accomplished.
> On the positive side, Jared said the doc. was ok. As many of you know I have
> been trying to find a doc that he would work with. He is compliant now, but
> at 15, I realize in just a few short years  he may not, and he will be  on
> his own to make decisions all by  himself and I want him to have a good
> relationship with a doc before  then.
> We'll see how this new diet thing goes.
> Oh, he also suggested a couple of supplements, including cod liver oil.
> YUCK!!
> Julie, Mom to Jared 15, dx'd 5/99, pumping Disetronic Htron,
> Hope 12, Mitchell 9
> Elkmont, AL
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