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Re: [IP] Fear of Going Low

> still have this fear run 
> > through me about running low--I know I can turn my
> pump off, have glucose 
> > tabs, drinks.  I guess it is just a habit that I
> got to break.  Any 
> > comments, would be appreciated-- Carla
I have the same worry about lows since my final days
on MDI were HORRIBLE. I've been on the pump about 2
months now, and my endo agreed with me that I might
run a little high for awhile. I try to keep my BGs
under 180 or so, meaning I don't correct the high if
it's not much higher than that. I'll fine tune it down
to the 120 mark soon, but for now, it  keeps me from
panicking about lows. And I keep saying exactly what
you said - I can treat these lows, as they're more
predictable and I can always turn the pump off if I
panic. As a result, I'm not over-treating the
occasional lows anymore (although I'm still paranoid
about runnig around town with BGs under 120).
Good luck!

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