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[IP] RE: new Doc


I shuddered when I read your message about the new doctor.  I can't help but
become upset at so-called professionals whose advice (it certainly couldn't
be called informed professional guidance) flies not only in the face of
conventional wisdom, but also insults what the teams of physicians,
scientists and nutritionists on the boards the ADA, the Amercian Dietetic
Association, the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society
have been studying and promoting for decades, i.e., a diet low in saturated
fat and cholesterol and one in which most calories come from complex
carbohydrates and whole grains.  The resurrection of Dr. Atkins has
certainly played a big role in promoting the low to no carb quakery (and it
didn't work in the 70s, why are people resuscitating it now?!).  Obviously,
ingesting few to no carbs will lower one's bg, but at what cost?  It is
nothing but a quick fix that will dehydrate the individual and wreak havoc
on his/her kidneys, heart, etc. -- not to mention a total lack of energy,
bad breath and ketoacidosis (low carb diets "work" because, in addition to
dehydrating the individual, they encourage the burning of fat, rather than
glucose for energy).  Low carb diets are especially dangerous to people with

This doctor seems more interested in self promotion and making money through
book sales and supplements (which, of course, at the current time are NOT
subject to FDA approval).  I was glad to read that you seemed to feel some
reticence with regard to his salesman approach. In short, I say follow your
gut reaction.  I'm sure there's another physician out there with whom Jared
will be able to build a solid and, most importantly, healthy rapport, but
I'm not confident that this is the man.

Jeanne K. 
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