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[IP] same action, different bgs??

Say, Bonnie
	I have a couple of comments, hopefully helpful...

>I have had some problems lately getting things worked out with
>Yoga.  I would never have believed that 1 & 1/2 hours of yoga would
>be as strenuous as a 45 minute fast walk.....
>Why would that happen?   This teacher was a substitute and does
>more strenuous moves (we are all sweating midway through).
>I guess it is one more of the marvelous mysteries of DB, like where
>does all that insulin go when you have a bad site?

Now, I don't do yoga myself, though my wife does, and anytime I've even
tried to enter one of her poses, or to badly mimic it, I've found it way
more stressful/strenuous than fast walking : ).  But you know, the slow,
aerobic exercise has more profound an effect on BG anyways, according to
Sheri Colberg's _The Diabetic Athlete_, and other sources I've read.  Also,
I have found that my needed changes depend to a (sometimes great) extent on
what I did the day before.  You know, the lingering effect of
activity-induced increase in insulin-sensitivity.  So I ask you, does your
activity differ on the days before your various yoga sessions?  You may
want to track that, and see if that helps bring awareness of the different
degrees of change you need to make.

As to the substitute issue, maybe that is the cause.  They say anaerobic
exercise can cause an increase in BG, since the liver does its thing
without compensation from non-existent beta cells.  Maybe you got more than
a usual amount of anaerobic exercise.  Or, maybe the substitute just
stressed you out, unusual circumstances can do that to anyone, and we all
know what stress does to BG.

Exercise is always good, but better when not accompanied by worry about BG.
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