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[IP] Quelling the Fear of Informed IP-ers!!

   VERY good advice about NOT heeding an insecure CDE's advice to steer clear 
of IP!!!! My daughter had already been pumping for 18 months when I 
discovered this group almost 4 yrs ago. If I had found it sooner, we could 
have avoided A LOT of frustrations, hassles, angst etc in that start-up 
period. Melissa's ped endo had NEVER put a child on a pump & "neglected" to 
mention that  to us- thankfully Home Medical (boy do I miss them!!) was our 
supplier & THEY got us through those initial weeks with personal, anecdotal, 
BEEN THERE/DONE THAT advice!!...gee, sort of like IP-ers!!
     When we approached the same hospital offering Melissa's services working 
with kids with diabetes as her senior project this spring, we were summarily 
REJECTED with the explanation that she was NOT ALLOWED to have any first-hand 
contact with these children & if she did, she could NOT discuss 
diabetes...since in the past, other volunteers had MISINFORMED patients about 
medical issues....hmmmmmmmm...
      Were it not for the Internet and the wonderful friends I made during my 
own breast cancer journey 3 1/2 yrs ago, I know that it would have been a far 
more difficult & lonely experience. Instead, their helpful hints, insights, 
etc nurtured & supported me..just as all the IP-ers do for each other. And 
the other interesting evolution was that my own docs who sort of "rolled 
their eyes" at first when I'd relate my Internet stories, now actually 
SOLICIT input from me when I see them for follow-up visits, asking "hey has 
anyone on your group mentioned X or Y & how have they dealt with it?"
      Bravo to them & to all medical personnel who EMBRACE an informed, 
empowered, interested, involved patient!!
Regards, Renee (melissa's soon-to-be-empty-nester pump mom)
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