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[IP] What she said!!!

Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 14:09:39 -0700
From: Sam <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] Start my pump on Monday & gluten intolerance 

At 12:21 PM 7/31/2001 Linda Kelly wrote:
 >And my pump trainer said I should not be on IP list...Linda(not

When I started my pump over 3 years ago, I was already a member 
here. My knowledge from this list not only made me a better 
pumper, but helped provide a lot of useful and practical information 
to my CDE who was glad to get the insights from other pumpers. 
Just remember that your Pump Trainer works for you and not the 
other way around.

Saying that you should not be on this list would be like asking you 
never to talk to another diabetic or another pumper. Most trainers 
encourage users to seek out other pumpers to share experiences. 
That why there are local support groups, nationwide for pumpers. 
This support group just happens to be international and via email. 
Otherwise there's no difference.

Ignorance is not bliss in this situation. There are often many ways 
to get to the same goal... some work better for some people than 
for others. By hearing the experiences of other pumpers you may 
find methods that work much better for you.


Yeah, ditto what Sam, and many others said.   If I were in your 
shoes with such an insecure and inexperienced trainer, I would be 
counting on this group, and the experiences of over 3000 pumpers, 
and some REALLY OLD TIMERS, like Sam ..(!! Sam is really a 
kid, who just has good experience and a good mind that let's him 
share it well) ...to be your support group.   

Course, I do have a problem in that I read banned books and 
anytime someone suggest I shouda/coulda/woulda ought not not 
do something, I am first in line to do it.......!   

This support group of pumpers has been the very best thing in my 
life.   They all have great experience every one shares what works 
for them and I can always find a solution to any problem or concern 
or even "how to do it" issue.   They have let me know when to 
worry about things and when not to.   And Linda even reminded me 
this morning about the very slow absorption rate of bagels.  

So, my suggestion to your trainer is to tell her to get on this list!!! 
and totally ignore what she says!!!   

Let us know how you do!!
Bonnie Richardson, 
down in the steamiest, hottest, swelteringist weather Alabama has 
seen this summer, Yuk.....I want to go back to the Northwest! 
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