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Re: [IP] same action, different bgs?? Yoga

>Bonnie, I had the same problem with yoga -- I never
>knew whether my bgs were going to be high or low
>afterwards. The exercise is not as predictable an 

The same thing happens to me.  But I found the benefits of yoga well
worth the extra effort.  In addition to the exercise, my
stress levels are far better when I do yoga regularly.

One thing that helps with the unpredictability is to avoid a meal
within a couple of hours of class start.  It's easier if you don't
have a bolus working, and is recommended anyway since some of the
postures can interfere with digestion.

The second is testing during class.  My classes are about 2 1/2
hours, so I normally test 1-1 1/2 hours into it.  It's not a problem
for me to slip out once or twice to check my bg (there are always a
few postures I don't mind missing), then correct and get back to
class. If I do this, I'm rarely very high or low by the end.  Plus
my teacher likes to comment on how inspiring it is to see me taking
care of myself :)

Time of day makes a big difference for me, too.  Exercising after
dinner tends to be unpredictable for me, whereas if I have a class 
on Saturday morning I always have to reduce my insulin.  You could
try taking a class at a different time of day to see if it's better.

If you do always eat before class, you could try reducing your meal
bolus instead of your basal.  I've found that much more effective for
avoiding exercise lows.  Sounds like you tried that with the bagel, 
but for me, even a half bagel would need some insulin.  

Good luck.  Yoga can be so rewarding, and I'd hate for you to miss

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