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[IP] Which is which?

The figures you're thinking of -I believe- are the different measurements
taken in Canada/UK and parts of Europe. These are in Millimoles per Litre
(mmol/L) and the ones we use in the states are in milligrams per decilitre

In the mmol/L readings, 20 mmol/L is equivalent to 360 mg/dL
In the mg/dL readings 180 is equal to 10.0 mmol/L

Take the US figure and divide it by eighteen to get the mmol/L measurement.
Reversely, multiply the mmol/L measurement by eighteen to get a good
proximity to our USA measurments.

I was diagnosed IDDM in N. Ireland and it confused me at first too.  They
stopped using the mg/dL system shortly before I was diagnosed there.

Jenny Sutherland
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