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Re: [IP] new Doc


  I personally can't stand being around people who are either trying to sell 
their own products (hairstylist once), or book, like your new endo.  It seems 
that they are more interested in selling than doing.  If this endo's 
lifestyle and eating habits is something you are interested in or comfortable 
with then by all means you should stick around.  But if he is so busy trying 
to sell and convert everyone to his way of thinking and living then this guy 
is definately in the wrong line of work.  I would probably cross him off the 
list and move on to the next one.  This guy could also become too 
overwhelming for an already troubled teen (compliance wise anyway).  This 
endo might be the one to really push him out of compliance again.  Too much 
info and too many changes.

  Sorry this is just my opinion.  By the way. that hairstylist... I never 
went back to him...WHEW!!!  Too much like a used car salesman!

mom to Joshua
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