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[IP] {IP} I Need Sticky Sticky Site Tape!

Hi Scott, I used to have alot of problems with the sofsets not
sticking.  I tried everything!  Finally, I bit the bullet, and tried out
the silouettes and I've never had a problem since.  The site tape is WAY
more sticky and the insertion angle seems to be less prone to coming
out.  I can't tell you what a difference its made for me.  I only regret
that I was too intimidated  to try the manual insertion for so long.
Somehow that silly applicator seemed so much less threatening.
But,after doing some research in the archives, I found alot of people
recommended trying the sils and also got alot of reassurance that it
wouldn't hurt (which it really doesn't!)  It's really easy and way more
comfortable.  And its such a relief not changing out my set constantly.
I used to lose them due to sweating during exercise (an intense martial
art), and sometimes due to tugging at the tubing by mistake.  Please do
try the silouettes.  You may find them to be just what you're looking
for!  Good luck.  Marilyn
email @ redacted

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