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Congratulations on finally getting what you should have had when you first
wanted it.

I tried to be patient, as you were, but I found that all it got me was
another absurd hurdle to jump.

As I learned more about my and my child's rights I was appalled at the
treatment that I was afforded at the hands of professional people that knew
better.  They knew they were denying my child her 504 rights and only
because I didn't know, they thought they could get away with doing it their
way.  They, arrogantly, believed that they knew best, what was good for my

It is my opinion that any kids capable of performing and interpreting BG
checks cannot be taken from the classroom.  That doing so is a civil rights

As I read your post describing 3-4 yrs of educating the school I was
incredulous.  Now, perhaps your son needed time to become competent with
testing and reacting to the result. If those 4 yrs were used to train him,
well, great, but to train people that should already know how to react to a
health issue...arrgh.

So, to anyone listening that has problem in the US with schools and not
testing in the classroom, HEAR THIS....

Your child has a right to not miss 45 hrs of school a yr just to check BGs.
You have the right to have your child test where ever and whenever.  You may
have to shove these right down the constricted throats of the school
district but you have them.  Just exercise them.

More than my humble opinion, but I am known to be generous.

Curtis Lomax

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