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Re: [IP] ideas for new pump features

On 31 Aug 2000, at 7:27, email @ redacted wrote:

> In a message dated 8/30/00 9:26:21 PM email @ redacted writes:
> <<  Have you 
>  tried to get U-500?  That way the volume of your dosages would be 
>  cut to 1/5 of their present level.   I don't know if present pumps have 
>  a software override to accomodate U-500, but that could be a wish >>
> George, how would a pump know which strength insulin it had in it? 

I don't think it matters to the pump which strength it has. ;>)    Just 
keep track of multiplying and dividing.  As far as using the standard 
U100, perhaps the other pumps from Disetronic should be 
considered by those who are on high dosages.  Either the Dolomat 
or the Panomat may provide the features that you need in a high-
dosage situation.  All of the models of these pumps come in 3 ml, 
5 ml and 10 ml sizes.  They have both programable basal and a 
bolus available to them.  So there are plenty of other options for 
you if the MM series, Animas, Htron, Dahedi or Dtron don't fit your 


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