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>> Their are 3 irate families in our school
>>district regarding this no desk glucose testing policy. We can't be the
>>ones with this problem. (By the way none of our children have a blood
>>disease) The schools biggest fear is at the high school level when as I
>>told you know less of what your child may be doing.

I know this does not completely answer your question, since it sounds like
you are dealing with some high school issues and I can only relate at the
elementary level at this point.

What school district are you in? We were able to have Lucas(5th grade) start
doing all of the things he needs to do at his desk. He was pretty excited
about this since it meant no more trips to the office and no more hiding in
the corner of the room. The only time he will ask for help from the teachers
is when he is low. He even has his calculator with him to count the carbs
for lunch(no need to go to the office and have the secretary divide his
carbs by 18). Then to top it off the head of the school lunch program will
be providing him with a list of all of the carbs in the hot lunch meals...I
know he is looking forward to that since he has never had hot lunch before.

It has taken us 5 years of patience and working with the school to get this
far. I think sometimes they have a tendency to worry about all of the legal
ramifications if there is a problem, either from the parents of the diabetic
or from the parents of some other student.

We took it 1 step at a time over the years, starting with leaving all of his
stuff in the office and being called down for his testing 3 times per day or
more if he did not feel good, to letting him do it in the corner of the
classroom. We even had it so they would page me when ever his reading was
low or high.. I have had a lot of pages over the years.....Now he can treat
the highs and lows himself immediately without waiting for approval from his

I also found out the district hired a part time nurse this year who will be
providing education to the staffs at the various school along with other
duties. They also took the effort to put a comprehensive diabetic package
together getting input from several endo's. I have not seen the finished
product but I did have the opportunity for input on the beta version.

I don't know if I sound it but I'm extremely pleased with the progress the
school district here has made over the last several years. I think if you
communicate with them and help them satisfy there fears you will be able to
get where you want. It might require some patience and teaching but I think
most people are pretty sensible.

Never give up!!!

Pete father of Lucas 10years young, diabetic since 94, pumping since 12/99

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