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Re: [IP] test strips

If your medical insurance carrier
is registered to do business in Pennsylvania and/or has
issued a medical
insurance policy to you, a Pennsylvania resident, then
they must pay for
your necessary diabetic
supplies, test strips(blood and urine)....

Carefully check out your insurance policy as well as your state's law
regarding diabetes supplies...in Connecticut, if your employer is
self-insured, the law does not apply.  It only applies to "purchased
products".  My employer is self-insured, so we have coverage for our son
through my husband's employer - they have an HMO purchased managed care
plan that covers 100%.  The $1500 cap for DME is waived under CT state
law, because it is NOT a self-insured plan.

Interestingly enough, my husband's employer and mine have the same
insurance company, but his is an HMO and mine is a PPO, his is purchased
and mine is self-insured, his pays under DME and mine pays under medical
supplies.  Policies vary greatly from employer plan to employer plan
depending upon how they are written.

Sharon, mom of Steven
Who just started high school today!

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