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[IP] PLEASE READ- GA pumpers- Call to action!

      Today, I've spoken with State Rep. Don Wicks, Len Walker and Gov. Roy
Barns. (I am blessed with a well-connected father-in-law) They were not even
aware that GA medicaid and other insurers are letting diabetics fall into
the cracks. GA law states that diabetics must  be covered for medically
necessary devices, including testing materials, injection aids and even pump
supplies. My own infusion set supplier will not even file claims to
Medicaid, especially for those who have Medicare as primary insurance but
fail to meet the strict requirement, thereby ruling out all honeymooning and
Type 2 or 1.5 diabetics, a discriminatory practice. I am delivering special
packets of state law and pump information and my own medical necessity
letters and such to the representatives and Governor early next week, at
their request.

    HOWEVER- if they are other diabetics also having the same problems based
on insurers or suppliers not following state law, regardless of C Peptides,
A1C's, type of diabetes, I need them to contact me ASAP so they can be
included in this action. The governor and representatives were not even
aware that the state of GA has no policy regarding coverage of pump supplies
for the atypical or previously diagnosed and pumping since this April and
that it was causing problems for the residents who did not have other
insurance to cover the expenses of pumping insulin. Already, the state
welfare and county health commisioners for Medicaid have called me and asked
to see the law and see what they can do. I know this is not an isolated
case, I'm aware that is not from the woman who wrote earlier today regarding
her mother in law. We need to give this a human face and show what following
unfair Medicare policy will do if done on a state level. We can teach our
officials and show them what coverage means to diabetics this way so they
will exert pressure of the medical decision board for medicare and such to
cover those pumpers and others who fall between the cracks. We can do
something!!!! Please contact me so we can take action and turn this around!

Concerned diabetics in GA, Email me your contact information (names,
addresses and phone #'s) ASAP please and I will call you  this weekend or
email my phone # back.

Randi "Pixie" Bruner
Loganville, GA

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