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[IP] The war begins...

Almost 7 mths ago, I waged war with insurance to get a pump and. I got my
pump. Now I realize that was not the war, just a battle I had won. My local
pump supplier refuses to send me supplies b/c once again, the latest
C-Peptide wasn't under 0.5 (it was 0.7 so at least it was a tenth of a point
lower) and, this is the kick in the pants- The State of GA's Medicaid progam
has not set criteria for deciding who gets their pump supplies covered for
those with medicare primary insurance or and has not yet decided what to do
for those pre-existing pumpers whose C-Peptides are not under 0.5 but had
A1C's good enough to get the pump before Medicare created their policy to
cover pumps. So I literally am in limbo and until then, I will have to be
creative with my supplies (or buy them by the piece, which is not
happening). I've also contacted my local state reps and am recruiting their
assistance with this battle to get the supplies of the Georgians who have
fallen into this gray area and can't get supplies until the state makes a
decision. Wish me luck!


Randi Pixie Bruner
Bete SA

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