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Re: [IP] insurance denied

> Michael
> Do you know where I can find info like that Mandatory cover law
> below for the state of Georgia According to my sister in law, she
> said that medicare won't cover her mom's D supplies any longer
> because she is not in good control. Any help is appreciated.
Georgia's law was enacted 4/6/98, sponsered by Zell Miller. Get a 
copy from your local library, or call Miller's office. If the public 
library does not have it, call the county court house and ask if 
there is a public law library where you can get a copy of the law. 
Another good place is a university law library.

Unfortunately the state laws do not apply to medicare which is a 
federal program. The issue is rather one of witholding necessary 
medical treatment for someone that needs it. It is an issue that 
must be resolved with the local medicare administrative offices. She 
might want to start with her congressional representative's office. 
Most of them have someone who will help with these kinds of issues.

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