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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V4 #451

You might want to talk to your Dr. I was always told if my BG is that high,
to go ahead and give myself an injection to get it down, instead of a bolus,
and worry about the pump and site after I get in control.  Next time, you
might want to try that.

~~~~~~~~~~Original Message~~~~~~~~~~~
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000 10:27:11 -0400
From: "Lisa R. Surles-Law" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] The Newbie Chronicles Continued...

Actually, this one is just a "looking at the bright side". I had great
numbers all day yesterday...like really great...until the potluck
dinner. My luck wasn't so good. I miscalculated what I should have
bolused for. I got home ~3hrs after I was 295. Before bed, an hour later
down to 221. Something told (actually you guys) don't go to bed so far
from my target. So I bolused, set the alarm clock for 3 to check again
363. At this point I suspected the meal still, but wondered about the
set (I'm due to change today, again advice from you all). So I set the
clock again, and I was 237. I bolused again a bit (.5) (relieved to see
I was coming down) and woke up with 124. SUCCESS!!!!
Thanks for

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