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[IP] No Phones (Very Long)

I just wanted to say that I understand what you all
are saying, and I agree with you about having other
"outs" in case of an emergency.  I also wanted to
mention that I fully understand that *I* am in charge
of my diabetes and making sure that I would be safe in
an emergency.

I did want to clarify a few things that I did during
band camp.  First, I DID lower all of my basal rates
and allowed my sugars to run higher during Band Camp. 
(That had been talked about a month before camp

Secondly, BEFORE camp began and BEFORE I found out
about the phones, I had carried with me at all times
some glucose tabs and juice.  (That's something that I
began - and continue to do - when I started insulin.) 
During camp, I also had extras of these put in my
room.  I told my roommate where they were (both the
ones that I carried with me at all times and the ones
that stayed in my room).  Additionally, I carried
glucagon and insulin (cartridges and pens) as well as
2 spare infusion sets and other supplies in my
"emergency kit" at all times.  The rest of my supplies
were in my room, including one spare glucagon kit.  I
placed the glucagon kit within easy reach for her and
showed her where it was.

I also managed to receive the same roommate that I had
had the year before.  She already knew about diabetes
and I had instructed her how to administer Glucagon if
an emergency arose.

My roommate had said that she didn't mind helping me
out, and when we found out about our phone situation,
asked questions about what to do in an emergency to
make sure she understood what to do.  I also made sure
that she remembered all that I had taught her the year
before at the beginning of camp.

The health office at my school, however, was still
seriously considering kicking me off of our campus
anyway due to its policies.  (And the fact that phones
were avaliable in one of the dorms next to mine.)

I have to admit I never thought of buying myself  a
cell phone.  I COULD have gotten one, come to think of
it.  My roommate did have a cell phone, but problems
with that arose because under our university's
policies, if my roommate were to handle everything
(phone call, glucagon, etc.) then she would have to
accept legal responsibility for me during camp.  Under
my university's policies, all diabetics MUST have
immediate access to a phone or we are not allowed on
campus, regardless if other people on campus (in this
case my roommate) are willing to accept legal
responsibility for me or not.  (In other words, the
campus wasn't willing to let my roommate accept legal
responsibility for me during the entire Band Camp.)

**Actually, the reason why I was so upset (and why I
originally posted about this situation in the first
place) was the way that the phone service at my
university talked to my grandmother.  They could have
tried to work things out (they could have moved me to
the dorm with phones in it), but instead all they
talked about was kicking me off campus.**

I agree with everyone: the diabetes is MY
responsibility, not anyone else's.  In the future, I
will probably look into getting a cell phone for
myself.  In the meantime, if I am on campus, I must
abide by the university's policies, phone or no phone.
 I hope all of you realize that I appreciate your
advice and hope what I have just wrote shows just how
much thought I had put into going to camp BEFORE I had
even found out about the phones.

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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