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[IP] Infusion Sets & Whirlpool Tub

We're thinking of putting an addition on our home so I can use a
whirlpool tub for my intermittently aching leg. I've already guessed
that a silhouette infusion set would be better than having the insulin
filled tail of a sof-set hanging in the water. I have tried the sils and
had no problem with the insertion. My only concern is the size of the
insertion site which then should not be used again for as long as
possible versus the size of the sof-set micro infusion site. I would
think the angle of the sil's insertion greatly increases the area
temporarily unavailable. Is this a problem or am I just looking for
problems were none exist? (I do tend to over plan everything and yes, it
really is time consuming.)  Any thought? Thanks - Donna

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