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[IP] Bosses Have MD Degrees????

SNIP>>>>>>>From: "Joni Spurlin" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] flu shots
I'm a little behind in reading all of this...but the flu shot thread was =
interesting...my twist to this is....all of my BOSSES for the last 6 years =
have insisted i get the shot and if I don't they say they won't let me =
take sick time off if Iget sick...so I take it....is this legal, i
Joni, it is so illegal it is laughable.   Since when do bosses have MD
Degrees.   Ask to see written policy and WHEN you get that, (which you never
will) go to EEOC and your favorite attorney, do not pass go...although you
might possibly collect more than $200 ...anyway, point is, not it is not
legal.  You boss cannot make you have any medical procedure.   Now, they
can, if it written in their policy, not give you sick leave...but that has
to be the case for all employees, not just those who don't take flu shots.  
Keep us posted. 
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