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[IP] Responsibility

SNIP>>>>>>> Sara Said: My feeling is "one" (meaning the universal "we") must
take responsibility for 
one's own self.  In all situations.  at all times.  Sure, you can not
EVERYTHING, ALL the time, but life is not meant to be safe and obstacle 
free <<<<<<SNIP

The person on the other end of that phone certainly needs a lesson in
compassion and should be reprimanded.  

However, I agree with Sara 100%.   Life is so unpredictable.   Take a cell
phone, dex tabs, raise your basals, do whatever you need to do to take care
of yourself.    Personally, I ABSOLUTELY HATE to be dependent others and
have a real problem asking for help, so I have to always be aware of what
may happen.  I don't put myself in situations where I can't get myself out.
I always test before I leave the office, the house, etc., have my "stuff"
with me all the time.  I have NEVER not been able to handle a low myself (-
OK. OK. I did ask my daughter to get me some OJ quickly one or two times
during major housecleaning.)  But I work hard to keep on top of what is
going on in my body.   My daughter (who lives with me)  was with me when I
was trained and put on the pump, she does my bg test at least once a month
to keep in practice.  She knows the signs of lows and highs and how to treat
them, often before I do.  I make sure my boss and closest co-worker know
about diabetes and what to do.   I have never, since diagnosis, been to an
emergency room for a diabetes reaction.  I know many young people have
radical ups and downs and highs and lows may not be as detectable, yet they
should always have the icing tube, dex tabs, glucose in whatever form with
them and their friends should know how to put it in their cheek or whatever.

It is sort like my daughter being allergic to bees, wasps, etc.  She always
has her kit with her, always tells whoever is along on the picnic, softball
game or whatever, what to do.  

Didn't meant to rant.  Just wanted to agree with Sara and be able to stand
proudly with her when y'all start throwing things at us. 

Speaking of Rants....I believe I detected a bit of such in Michael's
responses to people having problems with insurance clerks and such who try
to decide our fates.   GO MICHAEL!     Rarely hear you get really P**&*! Off
at things...and this was a welcome one.  It is just insane what BCBS and
other insurance companies try to get away with knowing most people will not
pursue it.  Become friends with your State Insurance Commissioner.  He will
help you. 

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