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[IP] A Long Vent

<From: Melissa Collins <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] A Long Vent>

wondered, how would someone be able to call for an

<Furthering the problem was the fact that the health
office CANNOT help me in a diabetic emergency because
I don't even think they carry Glucagon.>  

Dear Melissa,
I am sorry to hear of your upsetting experience, but
you are learning a MAJOR life lesson.  I went to
college 250 miles from home and was subjected to some
of the worst weather I've ever experienced (Syracuse,
NY)...Here are the things I learned...
1.  My Mom supplied my grade school with glucagon and
emergency snacks.  It was in my best interest to
supply the Syracuse University Health Center with
these things every fall semester.
2.  I got a cell phone...I had roommates who spent our
phone money and periodically we had no phone too. 
Cell phones with basic or emergency service are pretty
cheap.  Don't abuse it, but keep it on you...There
will be MANY times that you will not have access to a
phone in your life, and having an alternate plan is
3.  Its up to you to give roommates and dorm-mates
instructions for your emergency care.  Personally, if
I had depended on SU for emergency care, I would be
dead now!  
4.  I don't know where you go to school, but if my
emergency plan in Syracuse was to get an ambulance,
there were a few times where 4-5 ft of snow might have
gotten in the way.
5.  I was taught that you should have 2 ways out of
every room in a fire,  isn't this true of diabetes? 
Always have a plan AND a back-up plan.  
6.  This situation will happen to you again...maybe
next time you'll have a power outage, a flat tire, get
locked out of your home...so, stay calm and figure out
how to handle it.

Remember, you can do this!  A phone is useful, but
chances are, YOU will be the one to keep YOU alive
(and a little bit of planning).
Take Care

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