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[IP] New Pump Features

     Hirsch Meisels wrote:
     >I would like to compile a list of new features that a pump should 
     >have, and send tham to MiniMed.  Please post any ideas.
     Peter Haddock responded:
     >One thing I would like is a "cancel" button instead of just letting 
     >it time out.
     I couldn't agree more.  When I want go check my reservoir volume, 
     or I go to the wrong screen, it takes forerver to clear.  On the other 
     hand, when I'm trying to reconstruct my bolus history because I forgot 
     to write anything down all day, the #$%^& numbers disappear faster 
     than anyone could possibly read them.  ;-)
     I'm assuming this situation will improve as I get better at this, but
     I still think a third button (a fifth button if you count the arrows)
     is a great idea.
     Matt Blanchette
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