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Re: [IP] Testing in class

I was just curious, where are you living? Because it sounds as though I 
should be be quite Thankful for where I am. Our school has bent over 
backwards to accomodate the students and their diabetes. I certainly do 
understand the conceren of being exposed to certain types of diseases. The 
policy here on the  blood born diseases was simple; every grading the doctor 
had to sign and send in a statement saying that none of those diseases were 
present in the childs blood. Should a disease show up in one of the testings 
then other arrangements would be made. There are four students at our school. 
Maybe a suggestion on this type of policy could be made and would be a good 
source of a middle ground for all involved. This happens to be an Elementary 
school and my daughter has tested anywhere at any time she has ever needed to 
since being in the school we have never had a problem! I hope you find 
something that works!
Laurie Mom to Jenna 
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