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Re: [IP] ideas for new pump features

> my need:  I am type II diabetic who uses between 200-250 units/day (Yes, it is a lot, but that amount works!...the variance depends on what I eat, of course)....so anyway - i would like to have a pump that holds more insulin  and can give larger boluses at a time (I know I could get the factory to change this, but I won't do this)....some meals take up to 50 units, I do 25 units at a time....Not to mention me even trying to eat chocalot!!!!!  not worth all of that insulin - rather have a potato!

Use U400 or U500 -- dont remember the strength, in a standard pump. That 
would give you 1200 to 1500 u per load. Yes, I know it is not yet 
available, but it is the insulin they plan to use in the internal pumps 
and is available in small quantities to those users in the pilot programs.

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