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Re: [IP] Re: Administrative procedures, students using insulin pumps

On Wed, 30 Aug 2000 email @ redacted wrote:

> I need feedback from parents or an attorney with regard to testing at THE 
> STUDENTS DESK.  The school district has finally realized that there are kids 
> who have been testing at the desk and sought the advice from their school 
> districts attorney.  Their procedure reads as follows:
> glucose testing will not be permitted at the student's desk. All testing must 
> be completed away from other students in order to prohibit the possibility of 
> blood contaminationand/or blood splattering of other students. Upon 

Hmmm.... ask them if they are going to impose the same restrictions 
monthly on those female teachers that have mensus, after all, they might 
drip a drop or two.....

See the links page of the web site, there are several references there 
about what the schools are required to do and your school rights. These 
folks are off base. Even OSHA does not consider diabetes bg testing to 
fall within "hazardous" limits.

Special Advocacy for Children with Diabetes 
Your School and Your Rights
Sixth grader wins lawsuit against school district over bg testing
Children Have Rights in Schools

> completion of testing, all sharps must be placed in an appropriated 
> container. ( they want the child to go to the back of the room. This must 
> occur from the elementary level through the high school level) When I 
> mentioned the 504 act(thankyou Curtis) and stated that my child's needs were 
> not being accommodated and that going to back of the room would be disruptive 
> to the educational process. His answer was "I must protect the other students 
> from blood born diseases, mostly hepatitis, and that this is not negotiable.

You might point out to him that it is NOT negotiable from your 
perspective and that you will take it to the mat... I will send you more 
ammuntion tomorrow when I get back to the office. Basically, the federal 
funding for the district will be cut off unless they comply with your 
wishes. You are right in this matter, you just need to follow thru. 
Formally request the 504 meeting in writing. Do not accept the 
restrictions they wish to impose. Insist that your child be able to test 
when and where is it is necessary, etc....

> He, The director of student services, said there were 3 incidences of 
> exposure in 1999 from student testing. There is a meeting on 9/14 with the 
BS...! Again, I cite OSHA

> school board. Can anybody help.  THANK YOU!!!  Alecia (mother of Ian, >

More tomorrow,
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