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Re:[IP] Lattest A1C "Yipee"

Hi Everyone,    Just had to take a few minutes to fill you in on my
Gooddddddd news!! When I first started pumping on Oct.4,1999 my A1C was 7.0
after 6 years of MDI,     Then 3 months after pumping it shot up to a 9.4
This kind of discouraged Me but my Endo. told me to hang in there because
some A1C'S go up after the first 3 months of pumping and not to let it
bother me!!" He said it was part of the learning curve", Well on my 6th
month my A1C went back down to 6.8!! I thought that was great!! But are you
ready for this today after ten months of pumping my A1C came in at a 6.3!!!
Yipeee!!!  If you would of told me 4 years ago when my A1C'S were in the
13's to 14's that I would someday feel this good and have A1C's in the low
6's, I would never of believed it!! I Thank God for such a Good Medical Team
coaching me!! And I  also thank every one of you for all the support and
info.over the past 9 months!!   Because Together We can all help each other
make a Difference!!!   Cheers C J Jutras Lewiston, Maine :o)

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