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[IP] A Long Vent

Last week, I was on my college campus for Band Camp. 
I thought everything would go fine in terms of
diabetes.  And, in a way, it did because I didn't have
as many lows as I thought I would get.  However, the
diabetes problem I had (that I am venting and sharing
with you now) is something beyond my control.

You see, there were no phones in my dorm during the
first 2 days of band camp.  The reason why there were
no phones was because the phone company was dealing
with a strike.  This had me worried because what would
have happened if there had been an emergency?  I mean,
I was living (with a roommate) on the 6th floor of a
dorm in which NO ONE had any access to a phone.  I
wondered, how would someone be able to call for an

Furthering the problem was the fact that the health
office CANNOT help me in a diabetic emergency because
I don't even think they carry Glucagon.  Therefore, I
felt that precious time would have been wasted if I
was in a critical situation because someone would be
going over to the health office for assistance.  I
didn't think that I would have a problem with high or
low blood sugar, but I DID want to make sure that if a
problem arose, I would be able to be able to receive
any necessary emergency assistance.

Now, here comes the part I am sooooo upset about. 
When my grandmother called our university's phone
services, she explained the situation to a person. 
She mentioned that I could very easily have an
emergency situation and she wanted to know if the
university could provide some type of assistance. 
(Phones were avaliable in certain parts of our

The person said that nothing could be done because the
problem was with the phone company, not the
university.  My grandmother responded by saying that I
could go into a coma and die because of high or low
blood sugar.  (An extreme that I didn't think would
happen, but we wanted to be safe.)  The person my
grandmother spoke to then said, "WELL, IF SHE GOES
HELP, NOW CAN SHE?"  Grrrrrrrrrr!!!  

Needless to say, our phones began to work within the
next 24 hours afterwards.  Nothing happened to me
during Band Camp, but I needed to vent awhile to
people who would understand.  

Oh, BTW, my grandmother is DEFINITELY writing this
incident up to the university.....   I'm curious as to
who the person she spoke to is going to call for help
when THAT happens?  ]:-)

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
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