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[IP] Pump Names

I really like some of the names given to pumps!  I
especially like "Patience" and "Determination", as
well as "Elvis" - if you had to send your pump back
for repair or a TI (for Disetronic users) then you can
truly say that Elvis has left the building!  ;-}

While I haven't officially named my pump, as I
introduce it to other people proudly as "my insulin
pump," I have decided that if I had to give it a name,
it would be "Assimilator."

Why?  Well, it's simple really: resistance is futile!

Pump hugs,

Melissa Collins
email @ redacted
Happily Pumping since being Assimilated February 22, 2000!
To pump or not to pump, that is the question..............

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