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[IP] Testing in class

I need feedback from parents or an attorney with regard to testing at THE 
STUDENTS DESK.  The school district has finally realized that there are kids 
who have been testing at the desk and sought the advice from their school 
districts attorney.  Their procedure reads as follows:
glucose testing will not be permitted at the student's desk. All testing must 
be completed away from other students in order to prohibit the possibility of 
blood contaminationand/or blood splattering of other students. Upon 
completion of testing, all sharps must be placed in an appropriated 
container. ( they want the child to go to the back of the room. This must 
occur from the elementary level through the high school level) When I 
mentioned the 504 act(thankyou Curtis) and stated that my child's needs were 
not being accommodated and that going to back of the room would be disruptive 
to the educational process. His answer was "I must protect the other students 
from blood born diseases, mostly hepatitis, and that this is not negotiable. 
He, The director of student services, said there were 3 incidences of 
exposure in 1999 from student testing. There is a meeting on 9/14 with the 
school board. Can anybody help.  THANK YOU!!!     Alecia (mother of Ian, 
pumping since 8/99)
-----------------------testing in class is covered by the Americans with
disabilites Act. And blood glucose testing is exempted by OSHA. This is
total cr*p. Those people should get a life. I test in class all the time
and no one said boo to me about it. How many exposures were theire to
menstral blood? I mean give me a break? Or baby poop? I advise getting the
law from the ADA (American Diabetes Association.  If they insist on being
stupid you may need to get a lawyer. See the artical this month in the JDF
Countdown for kids.  These people sound like they escaped from a Kafka
Novel. (The trial comes to mind) Spot and Christine

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