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[IP] Re: babies, babies, get your babies! (was the hard way or the easy way)


I'm so excited to see this post today.  I hope you also get a response from Scooter and his wife who frequent this list and adopted a
delicious little son last year, I believe from China.  (Korea?)

My husband and I are in the process of adopting a child from Russia, so the issue is at the forefront of our lives right now.  We hope to
travel to bring our daughter home in the next few months.  We did not decide to adopt because of my diabetes.  Rather, after several
years of "trying" to get pregnant, we began to look at other options for becoming parents.  We were both very clear about not wanting to
pursue the whole infertility route with invasive, expensive treatments and medications.  So. . . we started to consider adoption.  I have
to say that, after doing a great deal of research and learning so much, adoption has become our first choice to parenthood.  As with the
pump, I have become a bit of an adoption evangelist and have to stop myself from saying things like, "No!  Don't get pregnant!  There are
millions of kids all over the world waiting for homes!  The planet is overcrowded!  You don't need to reproduce!"  (or, "Everyone should
go on the pump!  It's the best way short of a cure!")  :-)  It's hard to look at all the faces and stories of waiting children.  The
process itself opens your eyes to things you may not have considered before.

I would be more than glad to discuss the adoption process with you off the list and to answer any questions you have.  And I do promise
not to say those things about adoption being the only way, because I know it isn't and that it is an intensely personal choice.  Diabetes
itself should not be a hindrance at all to adopting (or pregnancy), assuming you have adequate control.  I had my endocrinologist write a
letter to go along with my medical report for the adoption; it basically said that diabetes would not interfere with my ability to care
for a child.

One other note on the original subject line: I would definitely not refer to either diabetic pregnancy or adoption as "easy" ways to
parenthood.  They are different, but both involve a great deal of work, consciousness, dedication, patience, etc.

My best to you whatever you decide, and please contact me off the list if you want to talk further.


> Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2000 22:22:18 -0700 (PDT)
> From: Samantha Rohwer <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Babies - The hard way or the easy way
> My husband and I have spent many hours discussing
> children and how to bring them into our lives.  I am
> curious as to if any of you have adopted? Did you have
> any problems because you were diabetic?  What was the
> process like?  For those that had them "naturally"
> what would you recommend for pregnant diabetics?  What
> were the problems you faced?  Thanks!
>                 Sam!

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