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    It is my understanding that OSHA only covers employees and not students. 
I had contacted them early in the spring and that was their answer. Has 
anyone used ACT 504 with regard to student testing at the desk even though a 
school policy may state otherwise? Their are 3 irate families in our school 
district regarding this no desk glucose testing policy. We can't be the only 
ones with this problem. (By the way none of our children have a blood borne 
disease) The schools biggest fear is at the high school level when as I was 
told you know less of what your child may be doing. The story even gets 
better. (I hope you are all sitting down for this one) Their is some concern 
that the lancet could be used as a weapon if it gets into the wrong hands. 
That is another issue that they did not address yet with this policy. Thanks 
again for letting me vent. All ideas,info, etc., would be appreciated.      
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