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[IP] Silhouette site/tubing packaging

I had the following e-correspondence with Mr. Neal Smith of MM a few weeks
ago regarding packaging of Silhouette sites and tubing (most recent is
listed first).  I received a response to my inquiry the same day I sent it!
Good Morning, Mr. Smith,

Thank you for your response to my input regarding the packaging of
Silhouette sites and tubing. I do currently purchase the silhouettes
packaged in a 2:1 ratio, and still have many "leftover" tubings just laying
around. As I said before, this is wasteful and expensive.

I have only been pumping about six months. I was advised by my pump trainer
of the CDC recommendations for a full infustion set change every 72 hours. 
However, over time I have modified that recommendation to the following:

1) Site is changed every 3-4 days.
2) I fill the reservoir with 300u of insulin, which lasts approximately 10
days.  I change out the reservoir and tubing when the reservoir is empty. In
my mind, the tubing is more related to the reservoir than the site.  Most of
the pumpers I know also use this method.

To date, I have had absolutely none of the problems you mentioned regarding
insulin degradation or aggregation. Neither have I had any type of site
infection or any ongoing site absorption issues.

In addition, you must understand that this is not a perfect system. Many
times a site will need to be changed, perhaps multiple times, before the
recommended 72 hour window has expired. Sometimes they just fall out due to
unusual physicial
activity. Sometimes they get yanked out. Cannulas can crimp and sometimes
blood vessels interfere with insulin absorption. These are the instances
where multiple additional individual sites are necessary.

I would also be interested to know when the CDC recommendations were
developed.  There have been vast improvements in insulins, tubing and pumps
during the past few years that potentially impact the CDC recommendations.

Thank you very much for your attention to this issue.

Michele Fast
Minimed 508 user

Hello Ms. Fast,

I would like to answer your questions. First, we do currently offer the
Silhouette in a 2:1 ratio. MMT-372 and MMT-374 are our combo packed
Silhouettes. Each has 5 complete sets (1 tubing and 1 site) plus 5 extra
sites. The MMT-372 comes in 43" tubing while the MMT-374 comes in 23"

Secondly, the issue of offering sites by themselves is tricky because:

1. CDC Guidelines say to change an complete infusion set every 72
2. Re-using tubing increases chances of insulin degradation.
3. Re-using tubing increases chances of aggregated insulin
accumulating in the tubing and effecting delivery.

This is an issue that I am looking into, but as you can see the hurdles
listed above.

Thank you for your interest in this issue, and if you anything, please feel
free to call me at 800-933-3322 ext: 3325.


Neal Smith
Product Manager, Marketing
Disposables & Accessories
818-362-5958 Ext: 3325

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Sent: Thursday, July 27, 2000 11:49 AM
Subject: Sites/tubing


I would like to advise you of my preference for purchasing your Silhouette
sites and tubing. I would like to have them packaged two ways: 1) two sites
per one tubing, and 2) sites individually with no tubing.

That would address the piles of extra tubing I have...what a waste! I
generally use two sites per one tubing and reservoir, but occasionally need
extra sites when travelling or to correct a bad site.

Thanks so much for listening to us pumpers!
Michele Fast
Minimed 508 user since 2/00

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