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[IP] School Regulations

I have no problem with them "seeing" my kid get her medication.  In fact, the
check to make sure she got it would be welcome.  What I would object to is the
interruption into the school day.

If teachers are too busy to observe it, then the nurse will have to be there.
OOPS, nurses have to be in the office to see after sick kids.  So my kid would
have to go to the office for each bolus.  That means morning snack, lunch,
parties, highs.  Great, lets have a birthday party at school, Johnny, go to the

What impact would it have on correcting highs?  The kid feels off and tests,
gets a high number.  Does he correct it, no.  He would have to make a trip to
the office and let someone that has less training ask him if he is doing it
right.  Useless.

>According to public school Law, The school takes parental responsibility
for your child when at school.  The reason they want to see a child take
medication of any type is to cover themselves, from litigation incase of
a problem.

I agree with this statement.  But feel that in truth, they are opening
themselves for more litigation.  If they would accept a waiver of responsibility
from the parents with a letter from a CDE or Dr stating that the kid is
competent, they would have less exposure.  If they oversee it, then they are
responsible for accurate dispensing, in my opinion.

Pumping insulin or using pens is not like other medications.  It is a life
style.  It is interwoven in the person.

Maybe the kid could carry a walkie talkie and inform the nurse of each bolus as
he does it.  That would satisfy me.  I don't have objection to them knowing
about it, just to them interfering with the child unnecessarily.


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