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[IP] Addiction

>>Chocolate bars contain a lot of tryptophane. When sugar is added the
tastes great and when insulin acts on the sugar the tryptophane converts to
serotonin a neurotransmitter that is an antidepressant and gee I feel good
drug. So no wonder you can be addicted to chocolate it is addictive,
cheaper and more fun than Prozac or  Paxil.<<
I am definitely a chocoholic.  But only the very best of chocolate.   The
first thing I asked my CDE  after I got my pump on the first time was "How
much do you bolus for Godiva?"   (The answer in case any one is interested
is 2.)   So I went straight to Godiva Shop in Birmingham and my daughter and
I bought $32 worth of truffles and other goodies.  The 2 hours trip home
consisted mostly of frequent "Mmmmmmmmmmm". 

I can't keep it in the house (it yells my name so loudly) and do
occasionally go on a rampage where I eat it for three days  - then have to
get off for a month or so.  If it weren't so full of fat, I would live off
it.  Wonder if Prozac/Paxil would take away my addiction, or do I want to
take away my addiction for something so incredibly good!  Depression runs in
my family, although I have never admitted to it, I know it is in me to a
lesser degree than others.  Maybe I need to eat some every day to keep the
serotonin going.  What else gives you more serotonin...I want to buy a
bucket full!

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