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SNIP>>>>>>Todd said "They're not perfect--no company is--but I've been very
satisfied thus
far. Thanks. Todd

P.S. Is this naming the pump primarily something done by the women
pumpers? (it never occurred to me to name it!) Hmmm....<<<<<<<SNIP

I have written MM's Al Mann and gotten a response which was posted here.  I
have found them to be one of the best companies I have ever had to deal
with. No, they are not perfect, yes in over five years I have gotten a less
than perfect person to order supplies from, yes, in five years they have
messed up an order or two.  The service reps on the ONE occasion I had to
call tech support were almost better than Nordstrom's (the Standard for
Consumers).   I will continue to do business with MM and wish I had money to
buy their stock, because I truly believe they are a way above average
company, with a way above average product (s) and my future health and
happiness depends on their continuing to find ways for me to live better.  

AND I still with they would sell me those cannulas separately, another
drawerful of tubing is piling up!

PS--Never occurred to me to name my pump - it has always been my portable
pancreas.  However, men seem to have a penchant for naming another part of
their body, and I never knew a women to do that with theirs....Viva la

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