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[IP] Supplies fromTricare mail order Pharmacy

For those of us on the list that use Tricare I thought this might interest
you.  I was recently at the mail order pharmacy web site that lists covered
drugs in the program.  This program is for drugs for chronic conditions and
diabetes supplies.  I emailed them asking them to review and maybe place
insulin pump supplies in this program.  If approved this would mean that we
Tricare users could get a 90 day supply of infusion sets for $4.00 (the cost
of shipping).  Or $4.00 for any prescription like batteries.  I am including
the email address I wrote to and the reply message I got .  I think that if
we get enough people to ask for this we could be saving some big bucks in
the long run.  I got my reply in about 2 days I think.

Send you email request to:    email @ redacted

Email Received from DoD:

Your request will be forwarded to the DoD committee responsible for NMOP
Formulary decisions -- for consideration at its next quarterly meeting.  The
staff responsible for the committee's agenda items will review the request
and determine if the committee has the authority to make a decision on
non-drug items.  Note:  the NMOP was created for providing maintenance
medications to eligible DoD beneficiaries; CHAMPUS/TRICARE law/regulations
provide coverage authority for a handful of non-medication products, i.e.
alcohol swabs, insulin syringes and glucose test strips.  I assume that
legal counsel will be utilized in reviewing your request.
Mickey Bellemin

-----Original Message-----
From: morrisarmy [mailto:email @ redacted]
Sent: Thursday, August 24, 2000 10:15 AM
To: email @ redacted
Subject: Insulin pump supplies.

I would like to make a request for Insulin pump supplies be reviewed for
coverage in the NMOP program.  These supplies would include infusion sets
and the other necessary consumables (Site prep pads, tape, batteries,
ect. ) needed for maintaining  use of the insulin pump.

Insulin pumps are being widely prescribed in the civilian and medical

Thank you for you consideration on these products.

Sheila Morris

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