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Re: [IP] brownish smudges symptom of DM

08:28:00 Beth and Oscar wrote:
<<Can't seem to find the archives on insulin-pumpers page and couldn't get 
in to member's only area. While back seem to remember a thread on brown 
dirtlike smudges on skin showing up prior to DM diagnosis. My son has brown 
spot on back of leg since birth and now a small brown spot on abdomen/side. 
Doctors say my type 1 is not hereditary but want to know more about those 
smudges. Thanks Beth & Oscar >>

Wow, a lot to talk about here!

1) You can find the archives by browsing to http://www.insulin-pumpers.org 
then clicking the Search button.  When you are prompted for your user name 
enter your full email address.  In your case it would be email @ redacted
When you're prompted for password enter pumper.  Be careful to enter them 
both in all lower case letters.  You'll enter these same values to access 
the Members Only site.  To get there browse to 
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org then click the Members Only button.

2) I'm not familiar with the thread you're referring to on brown skin 
smudges, but I know there was a similar one on a complication of diabetes 
called necrobiosis lipidoica diabeticoricum early this summer.  As far as I 
know this is not an indicator of diabetes, but a complication of it.  I've 
never heard of smudges on the skin indicating impending diagnoisis, but I'm 
not a medical professional, so take this for what it's worth.

3) Current thinking is that type I diabetes has both a hereditary aspect 
and an environmental one.   A potential type I is predisposed to an 
over-the-top auto-immune reaction to certain triggers, but unless or until 
that person is exposed to the triggers, T1 won't develop.  Even given the 
exposure T1 is not sure to develop.  Like everything else in life, it's a 
crap shoot.


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