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[IP] Re: Family Education

I think you need to be VERY patient with your family, but also be very
proactive in educating them about diabetes and your pump.  My wife and I had 
been married for almost 4 years when I had an episode that called for 
glucagon in the middle of the night.  I guess I woke her up, but was unable 
to communicate with her and too far gone to drink juice when she brought it 
too me.  She was unable to find my glucagon kit (I have one in the bedside 
nightstand now) and ended up calling 911.  Let me tell you, it is a little 
weird to come out of it and have 2 paramedics, 2 firemen, and your spouse 
all standing around the bed.

Needless to say, but that scared the HECK out of my wife and she not only 
learned about using glucagon (the paramedic gave her a quick course), but 
she started asking more questions and reading more about it.  I have her 
check my Blood Sugar a couple of times per month just so she is "up" on how 
to do that.  She also pulls out the glucagon kit and refamiliarizes herself 
with it.

I hope your family can be educated without it going that far.  I think you 
need to just be patient and answer questions (repeatedly) and try to teach 
them about you & your diabetes.

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