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Re: [IP] Replying to posts

<original message>
<How do you designate one post you wish to reply to?  If I hit reply it
includes the whole list.  Would one have to delete all the the subject
one would respond to? I have never been on a list quite like this. Help

Hi Lurline,

Here's what I do:

1. I highlight the person's email in the "from" heading, then press
CTRL-C to copy it.
Then I hit the button on my browser for "new message"
Then I hit CTRL-V and paste it to the "to" line.

2. If I want also to reply to the insulin pumpers group, I add that
address from my address book
(it's email @ redacted)

3. I go back to the old digest email and press CTRL-C again after
highlighting the subject;
then I go to my new message and hit CTRL-V to paste the subject in
(adding an "Re:" to it)

4. I go back to the old digest email and again press CTRL-C after
highlighting any part of the message I want to put in the new message
(as above--I copied your whole message since it was short!), then go to
the new message and press CTRL-V to paste it; personally I add the
<original message> and the <> around the old message, so people can tell
what is old and what is new.

5. I type my response, then go to the options box and make sure to click
on "plain text format" so it comes out ok. This is important since the
insulin-pumpers messages don't use any fancy formatting (otherwise you
get funny codes at the ends of the lines).

6. I send the message

Sounds complicated, but the whole process really takes very little time
once you've done it a few times.

Hope this helps!


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