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[IP] Pump Names and pump cases

I named my MM507c 'Bertha Sue'. When a friend of ours was expecting her
second child, her three year old decided that if it was a sister she should
be named Bertha Sue.  The baby just happened to be another boy so that good
old southern name (double names are required in the South) got designated
for my pump.

The only time Bertha Sue wasn't in her case, the screen got a 1/4 inch ding.
The case serves two purposes for me. It of course protects the pump screen.
It also keeps my tubing from being exposed to doorknobs and other inanimate
things that like to grab it.  I put the tubing under the end flap and pull
it until it there is no exposed loop. When clipped to my belt, the tubing is
barely visible.


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