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[IP] Re:Re:Pump Names

Hi    Though Ive'e metioned this in the past I guess the thread is back
again!!  Well When I first got my pump Back 10 months ago every time my
pumped clicked when giving me a bolus my better half would say is every
thing ok I can here that thing making a clicking sound!!  And I would say
Yes its supposed to!! Its telling me Its doing its Job!! Every thing is all
right!!  This went on for about 2 weeks and then she finally felt safe with
the little noise the pump would make while giving me a  bolus over time!!!
So After two weeks of listening to that!! I figured a great name for my pump
would be CLICK!!  After all if the pump and a little noise like that could
generate so much attention is was worth a NAME!!  So the PUMP NAMED" CLICK"
WAS BORN!!   C  J Jutras & "CLICK" Lewiston, Maine

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